Dialogue Between Two Shores

Two sounds that speak the harmony of human art. The event was a live dialogue between two musicians from two sides of the Mediterranean Sea. It was celebrated in Casa Árabe of Madrid, an institution that seeks to spread knowledge of Arab and Muslim realities in the European and western context, and vice versa. It aims to create an arena of mutual knowledge and shared opinions, a meeting point. The concert was celebrated on the European day of music in June 21 2010, as part of the program of Casa Árabe of Madrid for the Week of Iraq.

The two artists participating in this event were the Iraqi renowned oud player Naseer Shamma and the Spanish guitar player Carlos Piñana.


One Comment on “Dialogue Between Two Shores”

  1. In Nasser Shamma’s opinion, the hardest challenge facing the Iraqi cultural sphere is the pervasive maliciousness of some of those working within it and the battles between intellectuals colored with a tone of accusation and mutual distrust.

    Read more here: http://english.al-akhbar.com/content/naseer-shamma-iraq%E2%80%99s-oud-master-defies-dictatorship-and-occupation

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