Bernard Khoury in Barcelona

On past September 12, Bernard Khoury presented at Barcelona, Spain, the first Open Lecture of the MBIArch Fall term at the 2011-2012  Opening Ceremony, under the title of “Combat Architecture”. The Barcelona Institute of Architecture (BIArch) is an international center for research, practice and dissemination of contemporary architecture.

Khoury is an interesting architect with an unusual point of view of the relationship between his architecture and its political and social context. His projects embrace a conceptual approach and express an innovative vision of an architect in a society of high doses of political content and continuous social dialogues. The projects presented in this video show a real interest in finding unusual architectural solutions, and through those, provoking new experiences. The attention to details in his work is undeniable and the spaces are bear expression of the intelligent use of materials, light and space.

In this other video, BIArch Visiting Professor Krunoslav Ivanisin interviews architect Bernard Khoury, discussing his work and the current architectural situation in Lebanon and the Middle East.


Where the Hell Are the Arabs?

Yabani ©DW5 Bernard Khoury

Yabani ©DW5 Bernard Khoury

“Where the hell are the Arabs?” This is the title of Bernard Khoury‘s next lecture at The Architectural League of New York, that will be introduced and moderated by the architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff.

Where the hell are the Arabs, Mr. Khoury? Here we are! نحن هنا